Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Knives

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No. 9: 8.18" x 1.25" x 1" (Open) Blade Length: 3.51 inches

The No.09 Carbon Steel Folding knife is great for larger tasks. Fold it up and stow it in a toolbox, or in your backpack while camping. The large profile of the No.09 knife makes it great for bushcraft, large wood carving and longer cuts.

No. 8: 7.59" x 1" x 1" (Open) Blade Length: 3.28 inches

The No.08 Carbon Steel pocket knife is the knife that started it all. Joseph Opinel first designed and patented the knife in 1890. Originally distributed as a knife for farmers and train conductors, keeping the knife high quality, simply designed and affordable has always been the goal of Opinel. It's no wonder why we've produced and sold over 30 million units of this very knife in our 130 year heritage.

No. 7: 7" x 1" x 1" (Open) Blade Length: 3.07 inches

The No.07 Carbon Steel Pocket Knife is a handy tool to have in your pocket at any time. Slightly smaller than our famous No.08, the No.07 is great for slightly smaller hands, or smaller pockets. Stash it in a purse, car, pocket or box and you'll be surprised how often you go reaching for it.

No. 6: 6.5" x 1" x 1" (Open) Blade Length: 2.87 inches

The No.06 Carbon Steel pocket knife is the smallest model that features the Virobloc safety ring. This little knife is non threatening and very durable. It is small enough to fit in just about any pocket and will likely become a staple of your everyday carry!

Handle Material: Varnished Beech Wood

- XC 90 Carbon Steel Blade

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Beautiful Contemporary Design

- High Carbon blade is easy to sharpen

- Made in France