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Laguiole Honoré 12 cm Juniper Knife

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Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand has been crafting knives by hand for the last 30 years.  Family owned and operated, the company is one of the last makers of this style located in the town of Laguiole, France.  A true craft Workshop, Laguiole Honoré Durand is the only maker that fabricates all of their knife components in-house.  This not only speaks to their level of authenticity but also their commitment to delivering the best possible product, all while staying true to their roots.  

This is Laguiole Honoré Durand

Weight | 2.5 oz.
Blade material | Stainless Steel 12C27.
Blade length | 3.9 in / 10 cm.
Handle material | Juniper Wood.
Sheath material | Leather Pocket Sheath Included.
Bee | Hand Forged.
Finish | Polished Bolsters and Blade.