Filson Tin Cloth Sou'Wester Hat

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A historical mariner’s classic rainhat.

The Sou’wester Hat is a piece of maritime history originally employed by 19th-century sailors and fishermen for rough weather at sea. The distinctive brim shape kept rain and spray out of their eyes and could be turned up for unimpaired vision, while the back extended down over the collars of their oilskins to keep water from running down their neck. This functional design eliminated the need for a hood, which impairs peripheral vision.

The Filson Sou’wester hat is made with our iconic oil finish Tin Cloth for dependable wet-weather protection. This exceedingly durable and water-resistant waxed-cotton duck canvas is legendary for protecting foresters and sportsmen in the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest for over a century. It features an adjustable removable chinstrap for security in high winds, and is lined with our signature Alaskan Guide flannel. This warm brushed-cotton fabric has been trusted by bush pilots, ranchers, and hunters for more than two decades. The lining features an ear/neck flap that can be pulled down for added warmth and comfort.

  • Made with signature waxed-canvas Tin Cloth
  • Extended rear brim for added water protection
  • Adjustable, removable chinstrap
  • LIned with Alaskan Guide flannel
  • Ear/neck flap can be lowered for added warmth
  • Embroidered Filson logo
  • MATERIAL:14-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth + 8-oz. 100% cotton flannel
  • imported