Ben's InvisiNet XTRA with Insect Shield

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Enjoy spectacular views without pesky bug bites using Ben's® InvisiNet Xtra with Insect Shield®, the highest-visibility bug net on the market. This head net features Insect Shield®'s permethrin technology, providing a powerful layer of protection by repelling and killing bugs on contact, including mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other biting insects. Lightweight and highly portable, the head net comes with a pull string sack for safe storage. This bug net has a roomy fit and an elasticized crown that stays in place on your head, fishing hat, or favorite baseball cap. The drop neck design keeps you protected while allowing for ventilation from unzipped shirts and jackets in hot buggy conditions. Don't let the buzzing and biting of gnats, mosquitoes, or black flies keep you from taking in the scenery. With Ben's® InvisiNet Xtra with Insect Shield®, there's no need to put a dark screen between you and the outdoors. Don't get bitten, get Ben's®!

  • Insect Shield® Permethrin Technology
    Keep ticks, flies, and mosquitoes at bay with Insect Shield®. The permethrin technology repels bugs and kills them on contact, creating a powerful shield between you and insects.
  • Super High Visibility
    Enjoy unimpeded views with the highest-visibility bug net on the market, featuring a rhombus pore shape size of only 1.0 mm, which is nearly invisible!
  • Comfortable & Secure Design
    Position the drop neck over unzipped shirts and jackets to allow maximum ventilation in hot buggy conditions. The draw cord elastic neck and elasticized crown ensure a secure, snug fit.
  • Ultralight & Portable
    Take this head net with you on any adventure – it weighs less than one ounce and comes in a convenient pull string sack.
  • Extra Insect Protection
    Protect your face and neck from itchy bites and disease-carrying insects, including ticks that may carry Lyme disease and mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus, malaria, and other insect-borne diseases.