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Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner

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The Premium Silk Travel Liner speaks for itself. It's made from the glorious natural fibers of premium AA Grade, RipStop silk with lycra Comfort Stretch panels along the sides. As with all sleeping bag liners, this will add a little extra insulation to your sleeping bag and is lightweight and very compact. If you're not quite sure about those hostel or hotel sheets then this is certainly the answer. Available in several shapes, styles, and sizes, the Premium Silk Liner is the perfect accompaniment to all of your travels.


Packed Size Comparison

Single Shapes: Half the size of a paperback book
Double: Small foam football


Mummy: 4.8 oz ≈ One D battery
Traveller w/ Pillow Insert: 6 oz ≈ One large crispy apple
Rectangular: 4.6 oz ≈ One D battery
Long Rectangular: 5 oz ≈ A medium peach
Double: 9 oz ≈ 
A bottle of sparkly non-toxic glue


As comfortable as silk sheets on a bed


Easy to wash and helps to keep your down bag cleaner for longer


  • Increases the thermal performance of sleeping bags
  • Premium AA Grade, RipStop silk
  • Double folded and reinforced seams
  • Lightweight, super compact and extends the life of sleeping bags by keeping them clean
  • Machine washable & colorfast