Kahtoola NANOspikes®

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Run across slippery, frozen surfaces with ultralight, low-profile traction. Like studded snow tires for your feet, the NANOspikes® bite into icy sidewalks or roads while preserving shoe flexibility.

Each pair of NANOspikes® includes a Tote Sack!


The NANOspikes® feature a unique spike design that moves tungsten carbide studs away from the foot and creates stepped and tapered shock absorbing cleats around them.This allows our crampons to provide traction in winter conditions.

The tungsten carbide studs have superior wear resistance and produce an unrivaled bite into ice, while the steps on the cleat effectively engage all other types of terrain. Our NANOspike crampons turn a running shoe into a snow shoe, with great speed and mobility.

Kahtoola’s NANOspike crampon durability and reliability have been optimized by holding the carbide studs in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor. Every detail has been considered for a design that absorbs shock, enhances comfort and increases durability.


Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and durable. It is used in many industrial machinery applications, including for cutting tools and armor piercing ammunition; as well as for studded snow tires, snowmobile treads and for the tips of hiking and trekking poles. Now Kahtoola uses it to create high quality snow shoes for runners.


With extreme durability as our goal, we have developed patent-pending reinforced eyelet technology that allows our elastomer bands to be lighter and stronger than ever. The elastomer band’s main body is comprised of stretchy Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for a quick and secure fit on a variety of footwear, while the durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) eyelet inserts prevent tearing and improve longevity.


The traction plates on Kahtoola’s NANOspikes® are essential for achieving optimal performance, maximum comfort, and superior durability.

Dual Compound

By combining and fusing a more flexible material to supportive plates, comfort and performance coexist. The supportive plates create a platform against the shoe, evenly distributing forces and eliminating pressure points against the shoe caused by the carbide studs, delivering superb bite into ice.

Upward Traction

Since the NANOspikes® utilize traction plate system for optimum performance and comfort, we also created a way to ensure that they stay securely in place on the shoe. This is possible due to Upward Traction: small cleats that interface with the tread on a shoe preventing movement between the plates and the shoe sole. Grip to the shoe tread is effective by using many cleats. By keeping the cleats small, pressure points are avoided.

NANOspikes® Footwear Traction Specs:

• 10 Spikes per foot on all sizes
• Spike Material: Tungsten Carbide
• Pack Size: 5¾ X 4 X 2¼ inches (52 in3)
• 1 Year Warranty
• Tote Sack Included