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Acorn Original "Astronaut" Slipper Sock

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Astronaut Approved!

From the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum:

"Astronauts working aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station often wear slipper socks like these. Shoes are not necessary in weightlessness, but crewmembers enjoy the comfort and warmth of soft footwear. Many astronauts simply wear socks as they float around inside the spacecraft. The manufacturer [Acorn] gave these slipper socks to the Museum to use on mannequins depicting Shuttle-era astronauts. This pair is displayed with Guy Bluford's in-flight suit."


  • Ragg Wool Upper
  • Thick EVA Foam Padding under foot
  • Full Grain Leather Sidewall
  • Suede Sole for Improved Grip & Durability