Leki Wanderfreund Makalu Pole

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With the 'Wanderfreund Makalu', you'll get a refined hiking companion. With the Speed Lock 2 external adjustment system and high-strength aluminum, this walking pole is the perfect companion whether on the trail or exploring the concrete jungle. Thanks to its edge-free ergonomic form; the AergoMed grip offers a secure and comfortable support function.The Wanderfruend Makalu is easily adjustable between 90 cm - 120 cm. The Wanderfruend comes with a carbide tip for natural environments and a rubber tip for use in urban/indoor environments.


Ergonomic grip for maximum comfort and support. The edgeless design allows for various gripping options.


Fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves. Smaller, lighter and 20% higher holding force than SL 1.

Micro Basket

Prevents sinking into soft surfaces and protects the lower shaft. Easily exchangeable without tools.

Rubber Walking Tip

Vulcanised Rubber Tip for perfect grip on asphalt, concrete and indoors as well as a low-noise pole plant.

Universal Carbide Flextip

More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

Series Unisex
Grip AergoMED
Segments 3 sections
Shaft Diameter 18|16|14 mm
Locking System SL2
Basket Micro
Tip Carbide Flex Tip|Rubber Walking Tip
Pack Size 63 cm
Length/Size 90-120 cm
Weight/pole 268 grams