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Filson Lined Mackinaw Wool Packer Coat

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A warm and durable special-edition release for 2022.

Our original Wool Packer Coat’s legacy began nearly three decades ago, protecting men on horseback from cold, snowy weather on ranches and in the backcountry. This limited-edition variation is fortified with a lining made of our Alaskan Guide flannel for added warmth and wind resistance.

The virgin wool is a densely-woven twill constructed from the fleece of sheep raised in regions that encounter a wide range of weather throughout the year. The dramatic temperature swings cause the sheep to develop a fleece that can protect them year-round in hot and cold weather, which is precisely why it does such an excellent job of protecting us from frigid conditions. The wool’s tight weave creates a barrier to wind and water while maintaining outstanding breathability. It’s lined with Alaskan Guide flannel, the same fabric used in our mainstay shirt trusted by sportsmen, tradesmen and Alaskan bush pilots for 25 years. The natural sheepskin-shearling collar can be turned up and latched at the throat, creating a warm and comfortable barrier against bitter-cold wind and snow that extends to ear-height.

Combined with the four front-patch pockets and full-width back pocket, the caped construction creates two full layers of wool over the shoulders, arms, and torso –- the secret to the weather protection this coat provides. The cut is fingertip-length for added coverage, with a pleated rear hem that allows the coat to flare when seated for non-binding comfort.

Sewn in Seattle with 24-oz. Mackinaw Wool

Natural sheepskin-shearling shawl collar Double-layer caped construction over shoulders and arms

Four snap-flap front pockets and full-width rear pocket

Fingertip-length with pleated rear hem

Lined with Alaskan Guide flannel

Water- and wind-resistant

SKU: 20253828-fco-019976433
Made in USA with imported material.
Material: 24-oz. 100% virgin wool + 8-oz. 100% cotton flannel + polyester twill + New Zealand sheepskin shearling